PhD position at ETIS : « Robust localisation and planning to sensor failures : a neuromimetic approach »

Project: The ETIS (Equipes, Traitement de l’Information et Systèmes) laboratory is looking for highly motivated candidates for a PhD position (CIFRE) on multi-modal robot localization and control for a self-driving car. The research to be developed during the PhD will investigate how a bio-inspired robot architecture based on a model of mammal navigation can be adapted and extended to the control of self-driving car taking both into account hardware (platform, sensors, actuators, etc.) and software (architecture, OS, timing…) constraints.
Several main lines will be developed:
1. Multi-modal localization architecture (place cell model, sensor fusion, integration of different reference frames)
2. Strategy selection (based on a self-assessment mechanism taking into account contextual information)
3. Hardware implementation and real-time constraint (porting, design of new architectures, benchmarking power consumption/ processing time.
The duration of the contract is 3 years and the expected starting date of the PhD is 1 November 2015. The choice of the candidate will be done by The research work will take place for half of the time in the ETIS-UMR CNRS 8051 laboratory ( in both ASTRE and Neurocybernetic team and in the VEDECOM institute (IFFSTAR, rue du chantier à Versailles).
We are looking for highly motivated candidates :
* with a MSc degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
* with interests in the research fields of autonomous navigation, bio-inspired robotics and hardware architectures.
* with programming skills in C/C++, VHDL
Application must include the following material:
– a motivation letter expressing your interest in the proposed position, with any relevant information for proving a good match with it.
– a detailed CV
– results in MSc degree (M1 and M2)
– name of two referees
Interested candidates should send their application package to (before 15/10/15) :