Thematic Day of GDR SOC² and GDR BioComp in Paris

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Tools, technologies and devices for AI

Date : Wednesday 22 may 2019

Lieu : Paris, Jussieu, room 105, Tour 26, hallway 26/25, first floor

Description :

The work in the field of artificial neural networks, which is at the core of modern Artificial Intelligence, brings together an increasingly larger community both from an application and integration points of view. Therefore, the needs in terms of design tools, low-power technologies and devices adapted to these parallel and distributed models become important.

This thematic day is intended to discuss and compare existing approaches to facilitate the integration of AI, and it is especially focused on embedded devices. It will be an opportunity to discuss the effective implementation of CNN, BNN but also bio-inspired models such as spiking networks. By using the tools, the technologies and the components suitable for these models, a first confrontation of these approaches will be possible. We are waiting for you in Paris to discuss with our guests on these many topics.

Preliminary program:

  •   8h30 – Welcome
  •   9h00 – JM Vuillamy, Intel, Accelerate Smart Vision Deployments with Scalable Industrial Ready Kits & Easy-to-Use Inference Engine Software
  •   9h45 – O. Bichler, CEA LIST, Neural computing design: N2D2 and spike architectures
  • 10h30 – Pause café
  • 11h00 – C. Cudicin, Mathworks, Embarquez votre IA sur CPU, GPU et FPGA avec MATLAB et Simulink
  • 11h45 – P. Falez, IRCICA, Simulateur N2S3 pour réseaux de neurones à spikes
  • 12h30 – Pause déjeuner
  • 14h00 – M. Bocquet, IM2NP, Réseaux binaires à base de mémoires résistives de type OxRAM
  • 14h45 – F. Heitzmann, CEA Leti, Architecture à spike et mémoires OxRAM
  • 15h30 – Pause café
  • 16h00 – L. Cario, IMN, Electronique de Mott et nouveaux composants pour l’intelligence artificielle
  • 16h45 – Posters/Démos/Discussions
  • 17h30 – Fin


Open access to the thematic day, but the registration is required.

The registration is opened until 17 may 2019 on:

Posters/demo Submission:

The persons interested in presenting their demo or poster should submitted the title of their work with a short abstract (at least 12 lignes). The submission should be done before May 1st 2019 by email to the organisers.

The organisers:

Benoît Miramond – LEAT / UCA,

Nicolas Ventroux – CEA LIST,