2015 Workshop

First GDR BioComp workshop


The first workshop of the GDR BioComp took place in October, from 4th to 8th (2015) in the Saint Paul de Vence Belambra holiday center.

The workshop was the opportunity to give a state of the art of the different disciplines explored in the BioComp Research network, through several tutorial and overview talks. Thanks to the active participation of everybody, the poster sessions, workgroups and discussions were particularly lively. You will find below the program of the workshop, pictures and most of the slides that were presented

Program at a glance


Group picture

Group picture


Materials and nanodevices session

Chair : Julie Grollier (CNRS/Thales, Palaiseau)

  • Fabien Alibart, IEMN Lille: Memristor nanodevices

Slides: Alibart-Memristors     Alibart_Resistive Random Access Memories

  • Laurent Larger, Femto ST BesançonReservoir Computing: concepts and hardware implementation in photonic

Slides: Larger-Reservoir Computing concepts and hardware implementation in photonic

Systems session

Chairs : Benoit Miramond (LEAT/Polytech, Nice) and Philippe Coussy (Lab-Sticc, Lorient)

  • Frederic Precioso, I3S Nice: Deep learning in a Nutshell
  • Franck RUFFIER, ISM MarseilleBee-inspired vision-based robots

Slides: Ruffier-Bee-inspired vision-based robots

Circuits session

Chair : Fabien Alibart (IEMN, Lille)

  • Christian Gamrat, CEA List Palaiseau: Neuromophic computing: A new paradigm, or just an old story?”

Slides: Gamrat-Neuromorphic computing – New paradigm or old story

  • Sylvain Saighi IMS Bordeaux : State of the art and challenges

Slides: Saighi-Basics_of_Neurmorphic_Design

  • Damien Querlioz IEF Orsay: Challenges for neuromorphic circuits

Slides: Querlioz-Challenges for neuromorphic circuits

Computational Neurosciences and Theory session

Chair : Martial Mermillod (LPNC, Grenoble)

  • Ryad Benosman, IdV Paris : Event-base vision and retina modelling
  • Andrew Davison, Unic Gif sur Yvette : Modelling computation in V1

Slides: Davison-Modelling computation in V1

  • Laurent Perrinet, INT Marseille : Motion-based prediction with neuromorphic hardware

Slides: ici

Cognitive Neurosciences and biology session

Chair : Ryad Benosman (IdV, Paris)

  • Nicolas Rougier, INRIA Bordeaux : Distributed, Asynchronous, Numerical & Adaptive computing: From neurons to behavior

Slides: Rougier-Distributive asynchronous numerical and adaptive computing

  • Martial Mermillod, LPN Grenoble : Beyond the Turing-Von Neumann Paradigm. The Current Challenge in Computational Neuroscience.

Slides: Mermillod-Current challenge in computational neuroscience

Interdisciplinary session 1 : Interfaces between machines and living systems

Chair : Sylvain Saïghi (IMS, Bordeaux)

  • Yannick Bornat, IMS Bordeaux : Closing the loop with hybrid (living/artifical) systems

Slides: Bornat-Biocomp_2015

  • Olivier David, Institut des neurosciences de Grenoble: Direct cortical stimulation: From connectivity to cognition
  • Serge Picaud, Institut de la Vision: Seeing again with a retinal prosthesis: dream or reality ?

Interdisciplinary session 2 : Noise and probabilities in the brain

Chair : Pierre Bessière (ISIR, Paris)

  • Jacques Droulez, ISIR Paris : Variability and Probability in Living Organisms

Slides: Droulez-Variability-and-Probability in living organisms

  • Sophie Denève, ENS Paris: Efficient coding in balanced spiking networks

Slides: Deneve-Efficient coding in spiking networks